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How to create a web site
To create a Web site is now a a really common requirement. If you want to create a Web site yourself, without the expense of hiring an expert or specialized service, you may find it useful to read the following quick task list: 
1) Find some Web space (hosting). If you want the whole World to be able to see your Web pages (your personal ones, or your company site) the pages have to be hosted on a computer permanently connected to the Internet. There are many firms with dedicated Internet connections that offer this service for an annual or monthly fee. You are free to choose the one that best fits your needs. We suggest our partner VisionHost that gives you a reliable and affordable web space plus domain, and automatically configures it all so you won't have any trouble. There are also firms that host your site for free (click here for a list) if you show their advertising banners on your site, or you attract them traffic and search engine positioning by using their name (this option should be avoided if you’re creating a company site or a web site that may be valuable: there is no purpose to attract valuable traffic for free for somebody else). 
2) Buy a domain name. If your firm’s name is “Reed Steels”, it would be nice if your clients could find you by writing or To do this you have to buy (“register”) the “domain”, and set it to point to your Web space (it is sufficient to talk with whoever sold you the Web space). There are services that deal exclusively with the selling of domain names (e.g., and others that also host Web sites. If you already own a free Web site, certain registration services allow you to redirect your domain name to the free Web space: this service is called “domain name forwarding”. For example may forward to   Some Web hosting companies do include the domain name in the Web hosting package (VisionHost does this, click here to learn more...). 
1b,2b) You can also purchase a static Internet link from your telephone or cable company. You will need a computer that is always switched on, with Web server software like Apache running. This is quite complicated if you are not a technician... 
3) Store the FTP parameters given to you by your host in a safe place. Generally they are server, user name, password, and will be required to publish your site. 
4) Search for a visual Website editor...... Hey, you are in the right place for this: EasyWebEditor is a formidable tool for creating Web sites of any kind. It can manage a Web site in a single solution, so it is much easier to use than more complex technically-orientated tools (click here to get it now!).  
5) Once you are happy with your site, you have to publish it to the Internet. If the software has a built-in FTP engine, it is very simple (EasyWebEditor includes this. Download the trial or purchase the regular edition, and see the internal step-by-step Tutorial). If not, you just need to search for a FTP software. 
6) When your site is published, it is a good idea to submit it to search engines
Creating a Web site is not a complicated task. With time and patience, and a slight artistic flare, you will obtain great results. 
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Should you have any questions, please contact us... 
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